How to Be a Coaching Editor and Help Writers Develop

How to Be a Coaching Editor and Help Writers Develop

A business manager who wants to get the most out of her writers should be a coaching editor who builds a collaborative relationship. Managers might not think of themselves as editors, but they are, given that they oversee the written content that their team produces....

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Think Like a Writer AND an Editor

Think Like a Writer AND an Editor

The writing craft requires that you think like both a writer and an editor because at the end of the drafting process, the two tasks are intertwined. Writing has three phases: drafting, revising, where you make changes and rewrite, and then editing. Many people think...

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Persuasion Tactic: Make Your Expertise Known

When people are making a decision while listening to expert advice, they might stop analyzing and simply accept the advice.   People often seek expert advice when they are unsure what to do or what to buy, particularly when there is risk involved, such as when...

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Potential or Performance, Which is More Persuasive?

What is a more persuasive indicator of future success, a record of accomplishments or the potential to achieve? If you want to persuade your superior to promote you over someone else, should you emphasize what you have accomplished or what you are capable of...

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Focusing Your Writing

Whether you are crafting a story, a blog post, or a substantive email, focusing your writing gives you a sense of where you are going. Many messages and articles have you scratching your head as you move into the third paragraph wondering, why is she writing? what is...

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By Ken O’Quinn

Focus on Them Focus on Them

As a contributing author in this book on leadership, Ken offers insights and tips for managing difficult conversations, providing effective feedback, and being authentic. Order here.

Perfect Phrases for Business Letters (McGraw-Hill) Perfect Phrases for Business Letters

Provides the right words and phrases for any situation - quickly. The book was reprinted in Japanese because of high-volume sales there.

TD at Work — Business Writing for Managers

The Association for Talent Development invited Ken to write this 22-page booklet for the TD at Work series.

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I learned more helpful tips than in any other writing course in the past 40 years. As an engineer, knowing the “why” is important.
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