Choosing a Point of View: Be Consistent

Choosing a Point of View: Be Consistent

People often begin reading a message and suddenly pause, uncertain who is speaking. Is this written from the writer's perspective, or someone else's, perhaps the company's? The issue is point of view, a literary term that applies to any type of writing: email, formal...

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By Ken O’Quinn

Focus on Them Focus on Them

As a contributing author in this book on leadership, Ken offers insights and tips for managing difficult conversations, providing effective feedback, and being authentic. Order here.

Perfect Phrases for Business Letters (McGraw-Hill) Perfect Phrases for Business Letters

Provides the right words and phrases for any situation - quickly. The book was reprinted in Japanese because of high-volume sales there.

TD at Work — Business Writing for Managers

The Association for Talent Development invited Ken to write this 22-page booklet for the TD at Work series.

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Praise from Clients

Ken’s writing workshops received the highest evaluations of any training we’ve done in my five years here.
Kristi WilkinsSenior Director of Marketing CommunicationsPacific Gas & Electric

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