You don’t become a better writer by wishing and hoping; you need to read good writing and study what good writers do. The books below are a great way to start.

Being a student of writing means reading books about the craft of writing and taking notes; reading good magazines and books and studying techniques the writer uses; and reading books by great authors whose prose inspires you. Below is a list of such books that my colleague Nancy Shulins and I compiled, based on our years in journalism and business. These books contain great tips and insight on the techniques that distinguish good writing.

For business professionals everywhere

For corporate communications and PR pros

The list is not complete. Everyone has their favorites, so let us know the titles that you found valuable.


Ken O’Quinn is a professional writing coach and former Associated Press writer who conducts corporate workshops on business writing, persuasive writing, and corporate communications writing. He is the author of Perfect Phrases for Business Letters (McGraw-Hill), which is available here at

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