Punctuating “However” and “Therefore” can be Tricky

Determining how to punctuate such words as "however" and "nevertheless" when they appear in mid sentence can be problematic. They require a semicolon before them. Reading the sentence aloud and listening to your voice can be helpful. If it emphasizes the conjunction, don't use commas around it.

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Punctuating Quotations: Inside or Outside?

Writers often are baffled by whether to put punctuation inside or outside closing quotation marks. Commas and periods go inside, colons and semicolons outside, and question marks and exclamation points might be in either location, depending on context.

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Exclamation Points: Use Them Sparingly

People often say they use exclamation points to generate excitement, but the reader isn't excited, either because the statement does not warrant so strong a punctuation mark or because the exclamation point was already used in so many sentences that it no longer has any effect.

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By Ken O’Quinn

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