Our four main workshops reach across industries—defense, financial services, pharmaceutical, oil, and technology—and there are sessions aimed at different audiences. Some are for people who want to improve their broad professional writing skills; other sessions are aimed at corporate communications and public relations professionals.

Persuasive Writing

Business professionals are frequently called on to craft messages that are intended to get results, but most people struggle to construct a persuasive message. How do you get people to do what you want them to do? Before you even begin the message, think about how the audience perceives you. If people do not consider you credible, you need to strengthen your image. One way is to become an expert. You are more likely to persuade people to do things if they view you as an authority in your field.

A persuasive message also requires that you connect with the audience at the beginning, particularly when people are resistant or skeptical. And then you must continue to hold the audience’s attention throughout. Making your message stick requires that you use principles of behavioral psychology that explain why people take action, why they believe things, and why they change their mind. Learn more about the Persuasive Writing Workshop.

Crafting Compelling Communication

As a Corporate Communications or PR professional, you constantly need to keep your writing fresh, to sharpen old skills and find new ways to engage readers with lively stories, press releases, blog posts, articles, media pitches, and internal messages.

In this stimulating workshop, you will gain new tools and insights to deepen your knowledge of the writing craft and to help you master new writing skills. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a communicator new to the profession, you will invigorate your writing and gain greater confidence in this enlightening session. Learn more about the workshop, Crafting a Compelling Message.

Effective Business Writing

Whether you are writing for an internal audience or for the media, as a professional communicator, you need to engage readers with lively stories.   For managers, staff, administrative assistants, engineers, writing is an important part of your job, and you can’t avoid it. Whether you are writing an e-mail, a formal memo, a report, or a performance review, polished professional writing has certain qualities.

Gain the tips, techniques, and insights you need to explain complex ideas, propose solutions to problems, manage projects, and motivate people. Learn more about the workshop, Effective Business Writing.

Being an Effective Editor: How to Coach Your Writers

As many PR professionals and corporate communicators are promoted and begin to manage teams, they suddenly find themselves responsible for the quality of writing their staff produces. With no training or preparation for the role of editor, they scramble to understand how to help people improve.

This workshop helps managers get the most out of their writers by developing an atmosphere where people feel like they are growing and thriving as writers and are not simply getting their material slashed with red ink.  Learn more about the workshop on Being an Effective Editor.


  • Individual coaching – Usually delivered as part of a two-day program, with the first day devoted to a group workshop and the second day set aside for individual sessions.
  • Editorial services – Writing and editing memos, short reports, feature articles, intranet news stories, or media releases.

For editorial services, or to schedule a writing program with coaching services, contact Ken O’Quinn.

By Ken O’Quinn

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