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Influencing Your Audience: Crafting Messages that Motivate

Pre-recorded webinar

The ability to influence others is a highly sought-after skill in business, because success depends on your ability to build consensus and move people toward your point of view. In this webinar, you will learn how to open a message to a resistant audience, how to hold attention, and how to tap an audience’s emotions.

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Getting Off to a Strong Start

Pre-recorded webinar

We know that the goal of the first sentence or two is to capture attention, yet so many of them fail to do that. Making an opening paragraph interesting or compelling enough for a reader to stay on the page is a high standard to meet. This webinar provides techniques you can use to pull readers in, whether it’s an email, a news story, or a feature article.

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Writing In Little Spaces

Pre-recorded webinar

In a world where attention is in short supply and where people spend much of their life on their phone, tight writing is essential. Whether you are blogging, posting, tweeting, texting or trying to construct a concise email, you will enjoy the techniques for compact writing that Ken O’Quinn shares in this webinar.

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By Ken O’Quinn

Focus on Them Focus on Them

As a contributing author in this book on leadership, Ken offers insights and tips for managing difficult conversations, providing effective feedback, and being authentic. Order here.

Perfect Phrases for Business Letters (McGraw-Hill) Perfect Phrases for Business Letters

Provides the right words and phrases for any situation - quickly. The book was reprinted in Japanese because of high-volume sales there.

TD at Work — Business Writing for Managers

The Association for Talent Development invited Ken to write this 22-page booklet for the TD at Work series.

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Praise from Clients

Participating in your course was one of my best experiences in the past few years. It was such a pleasure to be in a room full of people whose goal was to strengthen their writing, and you did a fantastic job of leading the class.
Jerry PetrieRaytheon

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