Crafting a Compelling Message Workshop

Crafting Messages that Inform and Influence
(for communications and PR teams)

Professional communicators need more than business writing skills to cover their company’s news. This hands-on workshop provides the techniques that seasoned journalists use to turn everyday topics into compelling articles.

Whether you are writing a news article, an email, a human interest feature story, or a media pitch, you will learn how to judge the news value of a topic, and you will practice the subtleties that distinguish polished, professional, writing from mediocrity. You will gain fresh insight to the craft of writing, and practical tips you can use every day.

Here are among the points we will explore:

  • Brainstorming a story idea and finding your focus amid the scribbled notes
  • Gathering information with good interviewing skills
  • Using four creative techniques that journalists use to open feature stories
  • Distinguishing between generalities and specifics to improve reader understanding.
  • Keeping readers on the page with quotes that provide depth.
  • Creating graceful writing by structuring sentences for variety, emphasis, or rhythm.

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By Ken O’Quinn

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Praise from Clients

I learned more about writing in your six-hour session than I learned in four years at Northwestern. Your seminar has given me a renewed interest in good writing and confidence I can improve.
Liz KoreyCushman Amberg Public Relations

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