The Language of Leaders

Using Motivational Communication to Inspire

Collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making are important to leadership, but a quality that distinguishes the best managers is significantly underused in the workplace. It is the skillful use of language to motivate people.

This session explores motivational language theory, which says that how a manager communicates with employees significantly influences their performance. The ability to choose the right words for the right occasion and to craft messages that influence employees’ thinking is critical to a manager’s career today.

Three types of language can help managers motivate employees to improve performance:

Direction-giving language is used to set goals, explain tasks, give feedback, and show transparency.

Empathetic language conveys respect, sensitivity, and understanding. By praising good work, providing encouragement, and being supportive when there’s a setback, a manager will strengthen commitment and loyalty.

Meaning-making language explains behavioral expectations, the organizational vision, and the company’s cultural norms (the unspoken behavioral “rules”).

Motivating language helps a manager build relationships with her team, strengthens the employee’s sense of well-being, and leads to improved performance.

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By Ken O’Quinn

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